Are you a business professional?
A coach, course creator, or expert?

Kick your self-doubt to the curb,
gain confidence, and get clients!

Do you long for more?

Greater visibility?

More and higher-paying clients?

Better client relationships?

Returning clients?

A sense of authenticity, self-validation?

You want a bigger life. But…

Maybe you feel like you’re ‘not enough.’

Maybe you feel you don’t deserve a successful business or the clients you really want.

You might be afraid of getting hurt.

You can’t let anyone know your fears, anxiety, self-doubt, or you might be embarrassed or found out.

You fear losing what you already have – clients, relationships, respect.

Or maybe you’re afraid of being judged. You might make a mistake, you might come across as unprofessional or imperfect.

You’re not alone.

In fact, you’re in the company of rockstars!

Those feelings are found far and wide among highly successful people —
from Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama to Meryl Streep, Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks and Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran —
as well as among people just like you, looking to shine your light in the world.

Chronic self-doubt is known as Imposter Syndrome — and it’s everywhere.

It’s time to overcome your self-doubt.

A chronic lack of belief in yourself prevents you from putting yourself forward. As a result, you don’t get to see your best ideas blossom, you don’t get to help the clients who really need you, and you don’t get to grow your business.

Let me show you the path to move beyond Imposter Syndrome.

Join me for my upcoming 8-week course… 

Imposter to Empowered:

Kick your self-doubt to the curb, gain confidence, and get clients.

In this groundbreaking course, you will develop a deeper understanding of the Imposter Syndrome in you, discover why it fights to stay there and  learn an exclusive approach that taps into your own unique talents and strengths.

kick your self-doubt to the curb

I felt safe and valued…

Despite my extensive career success at Fortune 500 companies, I was still experiencing self-doubt and self-sabotage. In Imposter to Empowered, Susan took us through her innovative process to overcome long-term self-doubt and to step into a much greater level of confidence. She has helped everyone in the group to recognize their uniqueness, identify the value that they have to offer, and present themselves in an authentic and joyful way. Her processes made it so much easier to discredit the voice of my imposter. I felt safe and valued in the warm and supportive small-group community that Susan created.

This workshop has come at the perfect time in my life, as I’m re-launching my business and making myself more visible in the marketplace – I would not have this much renewed self-belief without having worked with Susan.

April D. Scott ACC MBA

Executive coach for leaders and non-native English-speaking professionals, Serbia

Step confidently into a more effective path to
your business success.

Work with someone who compassionately walks you through a framework to identify your own gifts and leads you to leave your self-doubt behind.

This Fall, take concrete steps forward as a member of Imposter to Empowered 2.0! In this live 8-week, guided course, you’ll join a select group of entrepreneurs looking to step away from Imposter Syndrome and step into their confidence.

This is a special encore opportunity to work with me, with a combination of training, exercises and practice, and specific steps to handle the resistance you experience in a way that helps you to break through to a more effective business.

…new, more focused direction

Susan, I thought our class was amazing! The course was very easy to manage, and I felt very connected with the group with all our sharing. I felt very much heard, and really appreciate all you’re doing. Thank you for helping me to uncover my most authentic self. I’m excited about my new, more focused direction!

Wendy Yacboski

Minister and Coach, Sacred Ceremonies, Vancouver, BC

What it looks like

This expanded course includes:

~ 50+ Live and Video Lessons and opportunities to reflect on your experience and re-invent your future self. 

~ Weekly Live Training of 90 minutes each –
Including community connection, break-outs,
and Q&As with Susan

~ Small, supportive group — maximum of 10 – 12 people

~ Active Community Discussion Group

~ All trainings and webinars readily available to view on your own schedule. 

~ Your own access to a vital and interactive learning platform — with lifetime access.


What will you gain? 

~ Recognize your unique combination of Imposter Syndrome styles.

~ Uncover how your self-doubt and critical voice keep you stuck.

~ Apply a proven framework to free yourself from Imposter Syndrome.

~ Gain tools to build your business and increase your client visibility.

A special opportunity to work with me.

Join a select group in a small, supportive community, with a combination of training, exercises and practice, and specific steps to handle the resistance you experience in a way that helps you to break through to a more effective business.

This program will shortly be offered at $1,997.

By providing your feedback throughout this course, you’ll be entitled to
a very special rate of only $997 US.

Deadline to apply is Friday, April 19th
The course begins Wednesday, April 24th

Be an early bird and
receive a bonus private coaching session!
(regularly $500)
Apply by Wednesday, April 17th

A major transformation…

I love the way that you carefully consider ideas, and weave together concepts. When you told me about your “Imposter to Empowered” course, you said, “I think you’re really going to like it.”  You were right.   It is such a pleasure to just be in your presence, PLUS, you’re delivering a major transformation.

Your guided visualizations make me laugh and smile, which makes a tough topic much more approachable.  I love the way that everything is coming together in this course.  Hearing everyone’s input weaves in perfectly with your lessons, and strengthens the whole experience.

I’ve come away with a new level of confidence that I could not have imagined!

Sarah Hau

Owner, Moonlight of Mine, Madison, WI

About your instructor

As a magazine publisher and owner of a digital marketing agency, I did business with company presidents and VPs of Marketing at Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, and hundreds more, large and small.

I learned the value of sales authenticity, how to build relationships with integrity, how people make business decisions, and what motivates them to buy. Through it all, I developed a passion for solving business needs.

The journey has helped me recognize that I wanted to work with people on a deeper level than I could do as part of an organization.

As founder of a boutique Executive Recruitment firm, I loved helping hundreds of people gain clarity on what they really wanted so they could find and land their dream job.

As an Empowerment Coach, I bring it all together, recognizing the promise in people and improving their lives.

I guide business professionals and entrepreneurs to recognize their strengths, overcome setbacks, and take concrete steps forward in their career and life.

Still have questions? Send me an email here.