Meet Susan Curtis

Growing up in the Comfort Zone

Back in High School, my comfort zone was, well, comfortable. And, as an introvert, it was really hard for me to step outside my comfort zone.  

But then, I won a competition to be my town’s ‘Ambassador’ to Argentina. My worldview shifted dramatically as a result of all I saw and learned. 

On my return, I spent the next year presenting my adventures in front of the whole school—to kids I’d never made eye contact with, as well as to dozens of community organizations.

Yikes! But I did it.

I still prefer the safety of my comfort zone, but I’ve learned to step outside it – and even enjoy where that leads me.

I’m an achiever (some might say, an over-achiever!)

Throughout my career, I worked my tail off. I held positions that allowed me to build many useful skills.

I learned promotion, marketing, copywriting at Simon & Schuster, the top book publisher in the world.

In magazine publishing, I became an expert in leadership, strategy, technology, promotion, PR, and marketing. I started with the most-respected technology publishers (like PC World and Personal Computing). Later, I launched and co-founded magazines (Mobile Office, Portable Computing).

I did business with company presidents and VPs of Marketing at Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, and hundreds more.

I learned the value of sales authenticity, how to build relationships with integrity, how people make business decisions, and what motivates them to buy.

Through it all, I developed a passion for solving business needs.

I’ve been thrown off track. Repeatedly.

When my print publishing career turned me into a dinosaur, I reinvented myself with my own digital marketing firm.

Both 9/11 and the bursting of the Internet bubble caused me to re-evaluate and again, reinvent.

After the trauma of the Malibu wildfires and the Northridge earthquake, I rediscovered what was important to me.  

I’ve been sidelined by health issues, including cancer and a stroke.  

With each hurdle, I came back, more and more clear on the value and meaning of my life.

Call it an Awakening!

The journey has helped me recognize that I wanted to work with people on a deeper level than I could do as part of an organization.

As founder of the boutique executive recruitment firm, ProSearch Recruiting, I loved helping hundreds of people gain clarity on what they really wanted so they could find and land their dream job.

As an Empowerment Coach, I finally brought it all together, recognizing the promise in people and improving their lives.

I guide business professionals and entrepreneurs to recognize their strengths, overcome setbacks, and take concrete steps forward in their career and life.

“You just chased my spark! You have such grounding impact. You bring a feeling of stability and confidence. And you deeply listen and tap into what I really care about. Thank you!”

Sarah Hendler

Business & Clarity Coach